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With the emerge of Internet, our life form has been linked to online activities. Talking becomes chatting; birthday celebrations, business meetings, informal meetings, meal events are performed on a virtual environment. Concerts, theatres or movies are streamed/downloaded. By thinking of this approach, Internet generation has been getting anti – social in terms of outdoor activities. There would be lots of proposals to eliminate this problem; nevertheless we believe the best solution will be using Internet again in this case. If Internet communicates people through itself like we are used to via Facebook, Twitter and etc, it can also gather people at an outdoor activity. In other words, people will be united as they were used to. Our aim is not only increase social outdoor activities, but also manage them in an effective and enjoyable way. We want to create a social platform that changes social life experience in long term. Thereupon, this platform will run on both web site and mobile phones to reach as much as people we can.



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